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Protection and licensing for Embedded Systems

Although every combination of embedded OS and specific hardware can have its own specific challenges and constraints, our toolset will allow your to do everything that you can do on the standard Windows, MacOS and Linux platforms on your embedded software and systems.

Our solution can be ported to accommodate your protection and licensing requirements, and it’s even possible to scale down our solution to function on FPGA level.

For Linux, Android, VxWorks and more

Our static library provides licensing and encryption functionality via fully documented API's for embedded operating systems like Linux Embedded, VxWorks, Android, and QNX.

Our stripped down Runtime API enables core functionalities for licensing and protection, like accessing licenses, creating license requests, doing license updates, and performing symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic operations.

embedded operating systems

Platforms and Operating Systems

Out of the box, we support the following platforms, and depending on the target platform, the library will range in size from 400KB to 600KB. Our embedded solution can be provided as a source code for additional platforms like RTOS systems or special applications. Out of the box, it's available for the following platforms:

Name Operating System Architecture
Embedded SDK Linux ARM Linux, Kernel  ≥ 2.4.10 with glibc ≥ 2.4 ARMv6, ARMv7, and ARMv8
Embedded SDK Linux x86 Linux, Kernel  ≥ 2.4.10 with glibc ≥ 2.4 x86 and x86-64
Embedded SDK Linux MIPS Linux, Kernel ≥ 2.4.10 with glibc ≥ 2.4 MIPS 32 Bit LE
Embedded SDK QNX ARM QNX 6.5 ARMv7
Embedded SDK QNX x86 QNX 6.5 x86
Embedded SDK VxWorks ARM VxWorks 6.9, 7.0 ARMv7
Embedded SDK VxWorks PowerPC VxWorks 6.9, 7.0 PowerPC
Embedded SDK VxWorks x86 VxWorks 6.9, 7.0 x86 and x86-64
Embedded SDK Windows x86 Windows ≥ 7 x86 and x86-64
Embedded SDK Android ARM Android Version ≥ 5.0 ARMv7
Embedded SDK macOS macOS ≥ 10.11 X86-6


Yes! Fill in this form, and ask for our embedded case studies brochure that showcases how many leading companies have used our technology for their security and licensing needs in their embedded software and systems.
We also offer our embedded solutions as native C source-code, under NDA and at specific conditions. Contact us and let’s a have conversation about your project.
We can make the embedded SDK for your platforms available for you, together with the standard SDK. However, for most embedded projects we prefer to start off with a (web-)meeting to explore the nature of your technical requirements and to discover if our solutions and your needs seem to match. Click here to get in touch.