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No runtime needed. No License needed.

Encryption Only is fast and simple to use, protecting your software against reverse engineering. Without having to integrate it or change anything in your source code at all the software you want to protect is encrypted completely and placed into a secure shell.

The solution automatically includes cutting-edge anti-debugging and anti-disassembling methods into your software.

Anti reverse-engineering

Encryption only is integrated as a post-build process, and includes the encryption process after your software has been compiled and before the setup is finished. It is available as a GUI or a command line tool.

When the protected software is launched, our engine is executed first. The engine starts an integrity check to make sure that your software has not been tampered with. Compared to software protected with our regular solutions, it will not require our runtime system or a license on the user’s device.


Protecting executable applications and libraries on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android is perfectly possible with our Encryption Only solution. In case of multiple applications and libraries, you can use a combined mode with both protected and unprotected modules.


You can keep using your licesing-procedure in addition to encryption only.
No. The license to use the EncryptionOnly mode in our automatic wrapper is not available for free, but we do offer it for 90 days with a moneyback guarantee.
If it works with the standard protecting and licensing solution as delivered with the free SDK, it should also work with the EncryptionOnly mode.