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Runtime System explained

Our Runtime System is an out-of-the-box package that you deliver along with your software which runs in the background, usually as a service or daemon, and manages the connection between your protected application and a valid license which is required to run your software, for example connected license dongles, licenses bound to the system, and the connection to the license server in LAN, WAN and/or cloud.

It is also in charge of managing available and used licenses and tracking their use. When running on a license server in a LAN or WAN, it also makes licenses for Runtime Services on network clients available.

Supported Operating Systems

Our Runtime is natively available for Windows, Linux, and macOS.
If you are using a custom version of Linux or other OS like Android, we can deliver a modified version of the runtime, often within a few days.

encryption runtime service


If you want to maximize your advantages by using both protection and licensing on your products, the runtime is an essential and mandatory component, required on every machine where your software runs. But if you only require protection, the runtime is not necessary.

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The runtime is always under development to make it even more secure, more simple and yet have more functionality. Stability is always the first priority and our newest runtime are always backwards compatible.
Yes, under NDA you can request to purchase the source-code of the runtime so you can adapt it in any way you like.