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Project based solutions

Prices strongly depend on the project you have. Do you want to store licenses in a dongle or in the cloud? Is your software running in an embedded device or do you just deliver standard software? And do you want to integrate our licensing solution in your excisting business flow?

As you probably already noticed, there are many variables that determine the price for our solutions, which unfortunately makes it difficult for us to quote prices here in advance.

Used by start-ups and big enterprises around the world

At DES we succeed in offering small start-ups to large companies suitable solutions that seamlessly match their business case, both technically as commercially.

Request pricing information

As much as we would like you to start off with evaluating our product by requesting an SDK, we understand that in some cases you first want to know where you stand in terms of pricing. Just answer these few questions and our team will get back to you with all the information you need.

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