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Flexible delivery and cost-effective

A software based license is the alternative for protecting and licensing your software with a dongle, consisting of a signed and encrypted license file. You can define how the license is bound to the user’s computer. The unique encryption method used for the license file gives you the option to store secret symmetric and asymmetric keys safely on the computer of the user.

Based on an unique fingerpint

To bind a license to a computer we use a unique and patented fingerprinting technique. When creating a fingerprint of your user’s computer we fetch data from several hardware properties, such as the network card, CPU, hard drive and/or motherboard and and also some unique characteristics of the environment and operating system. Our system is perfectly capable in detecting virtual environments and their specific characteristics making it possible to allow or disallow them.

embedded operating systems

Use in Virtual Environments

Using software based licenses in virtual environmentsi is simple. We have several options available:

  • No activation within a virtual machine. The software can be used via a network licenses located on the host or a license server.
  • Activation within a virtual machine tightly bound to the hardware. If the virtual machine is copied or moved to another host then the license will break.
  • Activation within a virtual machine with high availability. The virtual machine and the license can be moved freely, but when the virtual machine is copied the license will break.


Yes, we support the use of our licenses in docker containers, images or even in the engine. You are in full control of what you allow.
It depends on which tool from our suite you use and if your customer’s target system has internet access or not. In any scenario there are three steps: 1. Take fingerprint of system 2. Create license update file based for identified system 3. Activate license. These three steps can be fully automated and that’s what we recommend in most cases.
You can determine how tolerant our system operates against changes in the machine of your customer. Do you want the license to break when a virtual image is cloned? That’s possible. Do you want the license to stop working when a debugger is detected? You got it. Based upon your preferences in settings our experts can tell you what the historical data is for these settings.